E-Commerce Website Project


Chapter 6 - Website Project

This is the most interesting part of the book where you’ll create a professional website for ABC Global Consulting and will apply the techniques you learned in the previous chapters. Please download sample chapters for details. The project is divided into two categories:

Dynamic Web Pages

Dynamic web pages are generated at the time of access by a user or change as a result of interaction with the user. These pages can give the website owner the ability to simply update and add new content to the site. For example, news and events could be posted to the site through a simple browser interface. Dynamic features of a site are only limited by imagination. Some examples of dynamic website features could be: content management system, e-commerce system, bulletin / discussion boards, intranet or extranet facilities, ability for clients or users to upload documents, ability for administrators or users to create content or add information to a site. In this part of the book, you’ll create an e-commerce system and couple of more interfaces with the help of PHP and MySQL database:

Contact Form - This html page is meant to interact with the site visitors. A form will be provided to the visitors of the website to add their comments and feedback. This form will use PHP and MySQL to store the comments in a database table. Besides, it will receive contact details such as e-mail address and other relevant information.
Newsletter Subscription - Using a form site visitors would enter their e-mail address to subscribe to company’s newsletters. This form will be added to the home page (index.html). A process will be created with the help of PHP and MySQL to interact with site visitors.
Admin Interface - In the dynamic part, you’ll create an e-commerce prototype application that will comprise admin and members sections. The admin section will be accessible only to the site administrators who will use this interface to manage tasks such as products and orders management.
Members Interface - This will allow end users to become site members and will allow them to view and purchase products from the website.

Static Web Pages

A static web page is a page that is delivered to the user exactly as stored. An obvious example of a static page is an old style HTML document which can only be changed by uploading a new or updated version. Every time a static file is downloaded, the file contents that are sent to the browser are the same for everyone who access that file. In this project you’ll be taught to create the following static pages:

Index.html - This is the Home page of our website. Everyone who visits the website will be greeted by this page.
Company.html - This page will contain information about the company i.e. ABC Global Consulting.
Services.html - Services provided by the company will be displayed through this page.
Success.html - This page is related to contact form (dynamic category) and informs users of successful submission of their comments.

In the final section of this chapter, you'll be provided step-by-step instructions to deploy your website to a remote hosting server. Here is the list of contents for this chapter: